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Reflexology is a holistic therapy that works by applying pressure to the reflex points found on the feet. It works on a physical, mental and emotional level by helping balance the qi (energy flow) in the body. When a person is healthy the energy flows freely along the meridians, when there is an imbalance or illness the energy becomes blocked, this shows on the corresponding reflex points on the feet. Stimulating the blocked points helps clear and rebalance the energy, working on the cause of the problem,therefore having an effect on the feeling of wellbeing in the client.

An effect is felt after just one session but a course of 4-6 treatments is usually recommended.

£68-£70 for 1 Hour. (Depending on location)

£37 for half hour.


  • All stress induced problems, headaches, digestive issues & back ache
  • Back problems & joint pain
  • Fertility, pregnancy & post natal issues
  • Hormonal imbalances, menstrual & menopausal issue
  • Allergies, hayfever & breathing disorders
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Feelings of anxiety, panic attacks & mental health issues